The next gen consoles (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, as well as Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3) require a XIM4 to use the Panther XL.  The XIM4 uses a system of colored lights to let the user know what it is doing and uses a Smartphone (or a PC with Bluetooth) to setup and change settings.

The main issue with the XIM4 is that it often has troubles recognizing the Panther XL Joystick when it is plugged directly into the XIM4.  The user will have to plug and unplug repeatedly to get the XIM4 to see the Panther XL Joystick while the trackball works perfectly !  This could take 10 minutes, it could also never connect and some joysticks are easier to get recognized than others ?  This is not a good solution obviously and I don’t recommend this setup for users.

A setup that does work however is using the XIM4 in combination with a PC computer to interface with the XIM4 and control the console.  The Panther XL USB connects to the PC running the SandhawC software.  A Belkin easytransfer cable is used between the computer and the XIM4.  The XIM4 has the wired console controller plugged in and then plugged into the game console.

Many users prefer this method because they have both a PC and a game console connected to their computer monitor or TV.  The SandhawC program on the computer lets them use a single keyboard and mouse for both the PC and Console use switching between with a single hotkey.  When SandhawC is activated on the PC the inputs of the connected devices (Keyboard / Mouse / Joystick / Trackball)  bypass the PC and go to the XIM4 and the game console.


More information on the SandHawC software and set up can be found on the XIM4 messageboard.

The XIM4 can be purchased from XIM4.com

The correct easytransfer cable is Belkin Easy Transfer (F5U279)

For the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 a wireless controller with a USB data cable is required.  Many charge and play cables work but not all, data cables are not hard to find.

As above a Windows based computer is also needed as above, I have a desktop PC plugged into my TV but many gamers use a laptop or share a monitor and a keyboard and mouse.