All warranty procedures must go though email directly to Steveo.  The work done by Steveo under warranty as follows:

If you receive your Panther XL and it is not working as designed, the unit must be returned for repair.  I will then cover the costs of return shipping and any repair costs.

After the unit has been received and worked to start with but something breaks within the first six months, return the unit for repair and I will then cover the costs of return shipping and any repair costs.

After 6 months if the unit breaks, return the unit to I will repair with NO charge for labor and all parts used are at COST.  User will also need to pay a flat rate of $15 for return shipping.

So once you have paid me for my time in building the mod, you will never have to pay me for my time again.  Just cover the cost of parts (like bearings, mouse or so on) and cover return shipping and no other charges !

I have replaced the intellieye mouse of a mod I did almost 10 years ago client and the parts were $10 mouse, $6 new bearings and $15 return shipping !

The Panther XL is still limited to the quality of parts made by Mad Catz, the most common broken item, the wiring harness, has been completely replaced with upgrade hardware.  Other items like switches and POTS as well as pivots in the gimble will continue to wear with years of use.  I can still fix these items with parts scavenged from parts PXL’s with very low parts costs or most often free.

That’s my warranty in a nutshell…. These mods are not inexpensive, they are all hand made with great pride and I stand by them and my work as one would expect out of a high end product !