The Revolutionary Panther XL USB Ver4 (not above)

The photo above is a ver3 without the Logitech G400S mouse or the DPI Buttons, I need to update this page more often !

The current latest and greatest Panther XL USB version is the version 4.

The Panther XL version 4 is revolutionary because no other controller can be configured on the hardware level by the user to be used as completely different hardware devices.

Some devices can be programmed with game macros and so on, but the USB Ver4 can be programmed by the user to output as a USB Joystick like the Ver1 and Ver2 USB Panther XL’s for games with Joystick Support.

The Ver4 takes the hardware a HUGE step farther, the unit is programmable at the hardware level were the unit can be programmed into a USB Keystick where the device now outputs as a hardware KEYBOARD for games with no joystick support !  No keyboard emulation software is needed, load the config for your PXL in the config program, hit save and unplug/re-plug in controller to turn it into a hardware keyboard !

The unit control chip contains flash memory so all the configs and firmware get save to it and stay setup until the user changes them.  Move the stick from one computer to another and everything stays the same.

As features get added to the unit, the ver4 can easily be flashed by the user to new firmware.

The ver4 ships in Keystick mode, the user can simply plug it in and test it out in a Word Processor to see that it does indeed type when the stick is moved and buttons are pushed !

When in Keystick mode, no game devices will be shown in the control panel, game controllers.  This is because the unit is seen as a hardware KEYBOARD and when you plug a USB keyboard in it does not show up in control panel game controllers !

When you take it out of the box you do not have to do ANYTHING to the unit, you can plug it in and play games with no setup of the controller !  All you have to do is go into the games settings menu and select the buttons actions within the game.  After the game is setup to match the buttons of the controller you can play, even if the game has no joystick support the Panther XL USB in Keystick mode will work !

Swap computers, new OS, new games, no matter it just keeps working !

Panther XL USB Includes:

  • Resource CD with programming software and custom configs
  • Free Return Shipping in USA
  • Upgraded Joystick Wiring Harness
  • New Trackball Bearings
  • Textured Trackball (no longer a spotted Ball)
  • Trackball ring fully functional
  • New 3M Brand Rubber Feet
  • Complete Trackball Conversion with Logitech G400S Mouse
  • New button layout with Joystick trigger, pinky and thumb button wired into the G400S mouse for great precision.
  • All Buttons and switches repaired as needed
  • Sticky Goo from buttons removed caused by coating breakdown with age
  • Worn Joystick Pivots Replaced
  • The No BS Warranty !