Back in the Day this website had a huge list of games and game engines with info on if the Panther XL was supported.  Users were VERY frustrated with Panther XL Support and hence we made the ver3/ver4 Keystick Mode.

So to sum up current Game Support, if the game can use a Keyboard and Mouse for input, the Panther XL Ver3 will work in the game !

All Games, All OS’s supported, no drivers needed, no configs needed, no keyboard emulation, nothing extra !  Just setup the games control menu to have the buttons function as you want them to and the game is playable !  Right out of the box, plug in the ver3/ver4’s two USB cables, give the OS a few seconds to find and configure the controller, no calibration needed (done by me at the labs and saved to the controller) launch the game, setup the buttons in game, and play !

It may take you longer to get the unit out of the box than to jump into a game and start playing !

The Keystick is the Killer Application, a USB PXL was neat but the Keystick is what makes it worth every penny and then some !