Configs for legacy support of stock Panther XL/Assassin 3D controllers in games with trackball support.  NOT needed for modern USB Panther XLs with Keystick support !

These Config Changes are needed for Games that HAVE trackball support and are expecting a Stock Panther XL trackball axis that has been previously turned on in configs.  If you have not edited your configs to use the stock Panther XL trackball axis you will not need to edit your configs, likewise if you are using the Panther XL in Keystick mode you will not need to edit configs !

 The trackball of the modded USB Panther XL uses a Optical Mouse in place of the stock Panther XL trackball joystick axis’s.  Because the Panther XL Joysticks Trackball Axis are no longer part of the Joystick Device, the trackball settings need to be removed from the Game Configs.  The Trackball of the modded Panther XL is now a true pointing device not needing any specialized support in games !

 Without changing the users configs to remove stock trackball settings, the player will most often spin rapidly in the game !

 To turn off the stock Panther XL Trackball the user simply needs to edit the config files as follows:

 Config Changes

Modded PXL Configs Half Life/Counter-Strike and any other HL Mod (same

for Quake 2 but in autoexec.cfg)

// Joystick.cfg – Save and exec joystick.cfg from console

// HL Help = HalfLife Setup Help Page

joyadvaxisz 0

joyadvaxisu 0

joyadvaxisv 0

Quake3 Arena/Return to Castle Wolfenstien/Q3A Engined games

// Autoexec.cfg

seta in_joyBallScale “0”

// If Mouse is inverted, change the following to have a positive value

// I.E. seta m_pitch “-0.022000” to “0.022000”

Unreal and Unreal Tourney and games with same engine

// user.ini

JoyU=Axis aturn speed=5.9

JoyV=Axis aLookUp speed=-3

// Change to



The UseJoystick=Yes also needs to be turned on.