We have the greatest fans !

If there is anything I have learned abut users of the Panther XL is that they are passionate about there controllers.  There has been time in the last 20 years where I wasn’t all that into gaming and controllers and the feedback from users draws me back in like the first time I used a Assassin 3D 25 years ago !  Panther XL users not only had there favorite controller, they would buy more than one and in turn get more than one modded one from me.

A24Fretman was lucky enough to have some brand new 20 year older controllers in his arsenal so we modded some of them to Ver4 !


He let me know the controller is perfect and he couldn’t be happier !


Sometimes being a Panther XL users has it hazards !  Thanks for the orders A24Fretman and glad to see they are working well for you !


One thought on “We have the greatest fans !

  1. AHAHAHAHAH, I’m famous now! We are sitting here tonight (LAN PARTY) and we all have modded panther Xl’s going! Having a ball, everything from Quake3 to Unreal, To COD, to CSGO! These controllers play EVERYTHING FLAWLESS! All of this COULD NOT be possible without STEVEO! If it where not for him, these controllers would have certainly been a thing of the past! EXTINCT! Thanks for all the years of support, YOUR THE BEST STEVEO!

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